Business Immigration

There are different options available to foreign nationals who wish to start a business in Canada. A foreign national can immigrate to Canada or to the province of Quebec under one of the business immigration programs available, such as:

  • – Start-up Visa Program;
  • – Self-Employed Program;
  • – Quebec Investor Program;
  • – Quebec Entrepreneur Program; and
  • – Quebec Self-Employed program.

The business immigration programs do not require a foreign national to run a successful business. There are no conditions attached to the permanent residence application – therefore if the business is not successful, and as long as all other requirements for permanent residence are met, a foreign national will still maintain their permanent residence status in Canada.

A foreign national does not necessarily need to immigrate to Canada and become a permanent resident to start a business. Depending on several considerations, including the percentage of ownership of the business, a foreign national may qualify for a work permit under the Owner-Operator work permit category.